Eliana Rudee, Jerusalem Fellow

Eliana Rudee is our Jerusalem Fellow. She is a  graduate of Scripps College, where she studied International Relations and Jewish Studies. She published her thesis in Perceptions and Strategic Concerns of Gender in Terrorism.13510839_10154332416188872_5994478960075340152_n

Her byline can be found in publications such as  USA Today, Forbes Magazine and The Hill. Ellie wrote brilliant perspectives from Israel during the 2014 war with Hamas. She was one of the first Americans to shed light on what Israelis experience, running for their lives during rocket attacks, scared and huddled in a bomb shelter.

In 2015, Ellie made Aliyah and is now reporting from Jerusalem. You can read about her experiences as a young American woman living in Israel every week in the JNS series, Israel Girl, formerly called Aliyah Annotated.