The Theory Behind That Charlottesville Slogan

MacDonald rails against Jews at a White Supremacist event.

‘The Jews will not replace us,’ they chanted. What do they mean, ‘replace us’?

By Abraham H. Miller – Originally published in the Wall Street Journal

When white nationalists and supremacists gathered in Charlottesville, Va., last summer, they marched with tiki torches and chanted: “The Jews will not replace us.” Obviously they don’t care for Jews. But what do they mean, “replace us”?

Understanding the chant requires an examination of the work of Kevin B. MacDonald, a 74-year-old psychologist and retired professor at California State University, Long Beach. Mr. MacDonald’s theories about Jews have become the philosophical and theoretical inspiration for white supremacist and nationalist movements.

Mr. MacDonald characterizes Jewish behavior in terms of the theory of group evolutionary psychology, based on competition among groups for resources and survival. Most scholars of evolutionary psychology reject Mr. MacDonald’s methods and conclusions. White nationalists and supremacists embrace him, and he returns their affection. He edits a website called Occidental Observer that focuses on “White Identity, Interests and Culture.”


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