What pro-Israel Jews can learn from Jewish Voice for Peace

We need to fearlessly teach the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We don’t really do it now because the politics of it have become toxic, the narratives entrenched and the complexities overwhelming.

If the Island of Misfit Toys had a Jewish community, its extreme political left would look a lot like Jewish Voice for Peace. The Anti-Defamation League calls JVP “the largest and most influential Jewish anti-Zionist group in the United States,” and accuses them of using Judaism “to shield the anti-Israel movement from allegations of anti-Semitism and to provide the movement with a veneer of legitimacy.”

In response to Israel’s defensive actions against violent rioters last week on the Israel-Gaza border, JVP held a webinar to discuss the crisis and, more broadly, the nakba—the Arabic word for “catastrophe” used to refer to the founding of the Jewish state. Among these self-identified Jews, there wasn’t a single reference made to Israel’s establishment as anything other than nakba.

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