The Haym Salomon Center is a 21st century education group that reports the news and offers analysis traditional media outlets often ignore.  Haym Salomon Center offers fresh, well-researched writing from the perspective of some of the country’s sharpest minds.

Just as our namesake, Revolutionary War Hero Haym Salomon, understood oppression, experienced anti-Semitism, and devoted his life to freedom, the Haym Salomon Center is dedicated to exposing the plight of the oppressed, violations of   religious and personal freedom, and hatred in all forms.

We believe the ideals of the First Amendment are basic human rights that apply to all people, press and politicians. The Haym Salomon Center holds governments, the press and activists accountable to the citizenry they serve.

Our nonpartisan commitment to facts and truth is what distinguishes us from the glut of news outlets and individuals whose perspective is biased and whose concealed agenda is often anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, and quick to blame America first.

Seeking the truth – reporting the facts – offering solutions – and presenting them to the audience that needs to know. Haym Salomon Center educates when others indoctrinate.