What NOT To Say During Israel’s Gay Pride Week

By Eliana Rudee, Originally published in Buzz Feed

In Fady Khoury’s recent article in +972 magazine, “Why I won’t be participating in Tel Aviv’s Pride Parade”, he claimed that the Tel Aviv Pride Parade is “problematic” because of its “official institutional sponsorship” and its intent to “blackmail gay Palestinians” into becoming sympathetic to the State of Israel.

Assuming Khoury would otherwise go to a gay rights parade, it’s quite ridiculous that the one he chose to boycott is the Tel Aviv parade, considering there certainly are no such events in the Palestinian territories.

To save you from looking just as ridiculous in conversation or on social media, here are five things NOT to say, so you don’t appear anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, or homophobic when talking about Israel’s LGBTQ movement.

1. “I am boycotting Israel’s pride parade because of the human rights abuses in the Palestinian territories.”

This polemic is sadly common; it’s basically the mantra of people who wish to “Free Palestine” by wiping Israel (aka the only state of the Jewish people) off the map. Hello, anti-Semitism!

If you want to talk human rights abuses, let’s talk about how LGBTQ Palestinians arefearful for their lives in the Palestinian territories because of their sexual orientations. A Palestinian man who is seeking asylum in Canada recently exclaimed that being openly gay in the Palestinian territories means “certain death”.

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