Western Leaders and Media Paralyzed After Multiple Munich Terror

By Abraham H. Miller, Originally published in the New York Observer

“Multiple Shootings in Munich, Germany,” is captioning my television screen. Without awaiting confirmation, we all know that when the perpetrators are brought down, their names will not be Hansel and Gretel or Joachim and Wolfgang.

The United States Department of State will issue condolences and avoid mentioning the words “radical Islam.” This will be another man-made disaster or incident created by disgruntled shoppers, just like the workplace violence perpetrated at Fort Hood.

Because this is a shopping mall in Germany and not in Israel, the State Department will not echo its mantra of urging restraint, and there will be no clumsy attempt to placate Islamic sensitivities by finding a moral equivalence between the shooters and their victims.

At some point, the administration will caution that this has nothing to do with Islam, and that overly stressing the Islamist component will be offensive to Muslims and give rise to similar incidents. The irony of this statement will be lost on those making it.

Some 300 Muslims left Germany to fight for ISIS and have returned. Ticking time-bombs waiting to go off.

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