Vassar Jewish Studies Sponsors Demonization of Israel … Again

By Ziva Dahl, Originally published in the New York Observer

Remember Fleetwood Mac’s 1987 “Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies”? Eight academic departments invited Jasbir Puar to Vassar College and she told students lots of lies. They were neither sweet, nor little.

Ms. Puar’s talk this past Wednesday evening was titled “Inhumanist Biopolitics: How Palestine Matters.” The Rutgers’ Associate Professor of Women’s & Gender Studies has been busy telling lies, presenting a version of this lecture from Poughkeepsie to Santa Barbara. Her incendiary, unbalanced hate speech masquerades as scholarship. In typical postcolonialist fashion, she ignores the facts and twists reality in favor of delusional fantasies to promote her spurious agenda. Disguised behind a plethora of pseudo-intellectual jargon, she presents bigotry all too reminiscent of 1930s Europe to demonize Jews.

I was there, listening to her reading from her computer in a monotone voice. Her lack of emotion contrasted sharply with the hatred she expressed. Let me give you a taste of her slanderous distortions and demonizing lies about Israel.

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  1. Prof. Daniel Fischer | February 16, 2016 at 9:51 am | Reply

    Is anyone at Rutgers opposing Ms. Puar’s pseudo-scholar terrorism?

    Could not find a single response from Rutger’s faculty.

    Not only her hate speech is a mixture of hatred, demagogy, (surpassing those of the Protocols of Zion and mixing it with “fashionable” theories “du-jour”) it is strongly inflamatory and dangerous, as it appeals to so many naive, easily impressed young listeners.

    She clearly represents the “psuedo-academic” arm of terror groups like ISIS, with incredible low
    scholarly standards.

    Shouldn’t Rutgers raise a voice against a) low academic faculty standards @ Rutgers and b) against faculty terrorism on campus?

    Someone has commented that she may even be in violation of Rutger’s code of ethics. Shouldn’t this be evaluated @ Rutgers?

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