The US/Israel relationship should be concerned about a Clinton/Kaine administration

The safety and security of Israel are at great risk if the Clinton ticket prevails. With Jewish voters supporting Hillary Clinton by a margin of 3 to 1, this statement would appear counterintuitive. But a close look at Hillary’s running mate, Tim Kaine, clearly supports this fear.

Cumulatively since 2011, Tim Kaine has been recipient of $178,283 from George Soros’ anti-Israel “J Street” PAC. As the highest congressional recipient of J Street funding to date, this helps explain Kaine’s decision, as one of eight senators, to have snubbed Benjamin Netanyahu’s prescient warning to Congress in March 2015 about the Iran nuclear deal. It also explains the fury of his tireless lobbying efforts in support of the highly deceptive process by which the Iran deal ultimately became law.

These disturbing indicators are only secondary, however, to the massive exposure that results from Kaine’s overt refusal to acknowledge the lethal and oppressive nature of radical Islam. Whether it’s Iran threatening to wipe Israel off the map, or the Muslim Brotherhood proclaiming that“killing one Jew is equivalent to killing thirty million Jews,” the doctrine of radical Islam is anathema to our democratic way of life, and throughout his career as a public servant Kaine has gone out of his way to downplay the threat.

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