UCLA Shakeup: Latest Case of Campus Anti-Semitism

By Eitan Arom, Originally published in the New York Observer

The University of California, Los Angeles graduate student government is normally an obscure forum operating on bylaws that can be vague and byzantine.

But since October, the national conversation on the boycott, divestments and sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel has turned it into a flashpoint for legal jockeying and media scrutiny.

The shakeup at the UCLA Graduate Students Association forum came to a head on Wednesday night, as embattled GSA president Milan Chatterjee delivered a lengthy defense of an attempt this fall to ban BDS discussions from a GSA-funded event. During an executive session, the forum upheld 16 ethics charges against Mr. Chatterjee and voted to write a letter censuring him but opting away from impeachment proceedings.

In a characteristic twist of irony, an abortive attempt by Mr. Chatterjee to bar discussion of divestment from a single campus event led to months of proceedings against him, involving him in local, state and national BDS conversations.

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