Trump Resurrects the Idea of Jordan Is Palestine

Across the world, there has been much speculation regarding the details of President Trump’s “deal of the century,” which has yet to be officially released to the public. Many are wondering what the deal aims to promote. Recently, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas removed the mystery surrounding Trump’s deal when he announced that the proposal included a confederation between the Palestinians and Jordan.

A well-connected Israeli source confirmed what Abbas proclaimed, telling the Haym Salomon Center that National Security Advisor John Bolton presented Trump’s deal during his recent visit to Israel. Under the deal, the source claims, Palestinians living in Judea/Samaria, a.k.a. the West Bank, will get Jordanian citizenship and will be in a confederation with Jordan, while Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip will be given the option of being in a confederation either with Jordan or Egypt. Either way, the source claimed that negotiating a Gaza truce is part of the deal.

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