Tommy Robinson And The Perversion Of British Justice

Whatever you might think of former English Defense League leader Tommy Robinson, his recent arrest for filming outside a courthouse, subsequent trial without his choice of legal representation, and summary sentencing should stir outrage. Britain was the progenitor of the rule of law throughout much of the Western world. But that Britain seems to have been subsumed by a new, authoritarian Britain more concerned about protecting child rapists and grooming (sexual enslavement) gangs than preserving its own institutions or protecting innocent children.

Described by some as a patriot, others as a right-wing anti-Muslim, Robinson is no stranger to controversy. As co-founder of the English Defense League, he campaigns against Muslim immigration and what he sees as the Muslim takeover of British society.

Britain has been shaken by grooming-gang scandals that have resulted in the rape and sexual exploitation of girls as young as eleven. In the vast majority of these cases, the gang members have been Muslims and the victims non-Muslims.

The grooming-gang scandals have exposed a breakdown in the British social and legal systems. The victims’ complaints against the gang members were dismissed by social workers, teachers and the police, leaving the girls vulnerable to their predators and feeling worthless. Not only were the victims not believed, but in some cases they were also laughed at.

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