Tim Kaine and Jewish voters

By Abraham H. Miller, Originally published in JNS

The Jewish community’s polarization in reaction to the selection of Sen. Tim Kaine (Va.) as Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s running mate illustrates the political chasm that divides American Jewry.

Predictably, the J Street lobby, which had shilled for President Barack Obama’s deceptive Iran deal, sprang into support mode. Still touting its role in bringing the deal to a successful conclusion, J Street has been undeterred by recent revelations of Iran’s hunt in Germany for materials to build an aggressive nuclear weapons program or by its testing of intercontinental ballistic missiles that threaten not just Tel Aviv, but the very heartland of America. Kaine himself was not only an enthusiastic supporter of the Iran deal. He was also a whip for its successful passage.

J Street embraces Kaine for his work in helping bring it to fruition. But J Street and Kaine don’t only share a common bond through the Iran deal. J Street is also beholden to the Obama administration for bringing the organization to the White House conference table on Jewish issues. Obama used J Street to replace AIPAC, the truly pro-Israel lobby.

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