Thomas Friedman shamelessly promotes Obama’s spin on Iran and Israel

By Abraham H. Miller, Originally posted by JNS.org

Leave it to New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman to shill shamelessly for President Barack Obama. In a lengthy interviewabout the Iran nuclear framework, the ever-sycophantic Friedman gives us new insight into the banality of mediocrity—Obama’s as statesman and his as journalist. Seldom before have we seen such a coupling try to spin diplomatic surrender into victory.

Unchallenged, the voluble Obama reveals his personal hurt about being labeled anti-Israel by segments of the American Jewish community. Once again, Obama reminds Friedman’s viewers and readers that he stands behind Israel.

Yet Obama’s egregious behavior toward the Jewish state reminds some of us of General Norman Schwarzkopf’s blunt-but-accurate statements about the Arab forces in his Desert Storm coalition. Asked how he felt about his Arab partners, Schwarzkopf—without hesitation—responded that he was fine with them as long as they were not at his rear. If he had to retreat, he did not want to be shot in the back.

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