Ziva Dahl, Senior Fellow

Ziva Dahl isZiva a Senior Fellow with the Haym Salomon Center. Ziva writes and lectures about U.S.-Israel relations, U.S. foreign policy, Israel, Zionism, anti-Semitism, and BDS on college campuses. Her articles have appeared in such publications as The Hill, New York Daily News, New York Observer and Jerusalem Post. Ziva’s investigations and exposing of tax-payer funded anti-Semitism and terrorism as well as exposing of NGO’s financing the delegitimization of Israel has captured headlines across the globe.

Ziva is a former independent financial advisor and money manager. Prior to her work in the investment field, she worked for a large international consulting firm where she executed a study of the Geneva Conventions for the Department of Defense. She has a Master of Arts degree in public law and government from Columbia University and an A.B. in political science from Vassar College.