Paul Miller, President

Paul Miller serves as President and Executive Director of the news and public policy group Haym Salomon Center. Among his credits as a highly regarded journalist, Paul was granted an exclusive interview with civil rights icon Alan Dershowitz to express his opposition to the Iran Nuclear agreement. Paul’s remarkable interview with San Antonio Orthodox Rabbi Aryeh Scheinberg and Pastor John Hagee of Christians United for Israel is further testament to Paul’s gift for listening that inspires people to speak freely and openly to him. Paul’s investigative prowess has led to countless breaking news articles ranging from election fraud and government funding of terrorism to anti-Semitism on college campuses.Paulie Headshot

A childhood steeped in freedom of political expression around the family dinner table led Paul to the formal study of journalism, ultimately shaping him into the outspoken critic of Progressive anti-Semitism and media bias against Israel that has characterized him for the last two decades. His byline can be found in the New York Post, New York Observer, Fox News, Washington Times, Chicago Tribune, Jerusalem Post and The Hill, just to name a few. His work has been featured on the Drudge Report and news sites across the globe. As a respected authority on national politics, Middle East policy and media accountability, Paul has been quoted and sourced by the New York Times, Fox News, Chicago Tribune and the Washington Times. He has appeared on radio programs all over the country as well as Israel and Canada.

Paul is a childhood cancer survivor and has worked as a peer counselor for cancer patients and amputees. He is also a recovering political consultant and resides in the northwest suburbs of Chicago with his wife Shannon, whom he met attending Indiana University. They are the proud and sleepless parents of two sons.

Follow Paul on Twitter: @pauliespoint or reach him via email: pmiller@salomoncenter.org