What the thick tire smoke at the Gaza-Israel border means

Since March 30, Hamas‘ violent protests on the Gaza-Israel border have garnered intense media coverage.

Rallying tens of thousands of Gazans in a “March of Return” to claim all of Israel for Islam, Hamas leader Yahya Al-Sinwar proclaimed, “We will uproot the borders, we will pluck out their (Israelis’) hearts, and we will pray in Jerusalem.”

Responding to his call, Palestinians, led by Hamas operatives, are rioting, throwing Molotov cocktails at the Israel Defense Forces and planting IEDs to kill Israelis. They cynically send women and children to the fence hoping for photographs of Israeli soldiers shooting them. Burning thousands of tires to create a smoke screen, Hamas terrorists armed with grenades, suicide vests and weapons attempt to infiltrate the Jewish state to terrorize, kidnap and kill Israeli civilians.

Media coverage of the riots has been excessive, biased, misleading and outright false. In its eagerness to portray Israel in a negative light, the press has largely ignored a story they should be covering: The power struggle between Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and the terror group Hamas.

Mr. Abbas’ reaction to the Hamas border campaign has been lukewarm at best. In a recent press conference, he didn’t even mention the protests, but instead demanded that Hamas cede control over the entire Gaza Strip. “The Gaza Strip has been hijacked by Hamas,” Mr. Abbas said. “They must immediately hand over everything, first and foremost security, to the Palestinian national consensus government.”

Prior to the current border rioting and following the assassination attempt on the life of his prime minister in Gaza, Mr. Abbas threatened legal and financial measures against Gaza in addition to the painful sanctions he had already imposed.

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