The Shameful Abandonment of the Yazidis

OKLast month, Yazidis commemorated the genocide perpetrated against them in August 2014, when ISIS attacked the region around Mount Sinjar in northwestern Iraq on the border with Syria. Proclaiming its intent to destroy the Yazidi minority, ISIS killed an estimated 3,100 defenseless Yazidis – by shooting, beheading or burning them alive – during the course of a few days, while others died during ISIS’ siege of Mount Sinjar, where many Yazidis fled after the genocide began. Another estimated 6,800 Yazidis were kidnapped – the women and girls were sold into sex slavery and young boys were forced to become fighters for ISIS. More than 3,500 of those kidnapped Yazidis are still missing today.

While the Yazidis were begging for help, the international community yawned and looked the other way. No social justice warriors found it in their hearts to spare a little justice for the six-year-old Yazidis being raped by grown Muslim men while their fathers and grandfathers were being summarily executed and their sisters and mothers taken away as sex slaves.

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