The original jihadists

By Bridget Johnson, Originally published in the Washington Times

They wave a menacing black banner, behead American hostages in slickly produced videos, entice hardened jihadis and thrill-seeking wannabes alike to their ranks, bust a border to establish a state and claim provinces from West Africa to Southeast Asia. Their insidious reach into every state in America is unnerving, their propaganda machine with online cheerleading is overwhelming, their apocalyptic goals alarming.

But do we have Islamic State tunnel vision?

While ISIS is consistently trying to out-shock their last shocking video, while they’re thinking of gory new ways to murder infidels, while they’re raping and pillaging their way through towns, al Qaeda has been quietly moving forward with their operations and solidly positioning themselves to seize upon the ISIS flame flickering out.

ISIS may be the bluster of the jihad, but al Qaeda remains the brains of the jihad.

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