The New Israel Fund Is Threatening the Jewish State From Within

By Abraham H. Miller, Originally published in Algemeiner

Every people has its quislings. They are an inescapable burden, a wound that tears at the sinew that binds a people together, a source of legitimacy for the affronts hurled by one’s enemies.

One would think that Jews, who for millennia wandered the earth as a people apart as an oppressed people whose very lives were subject to the whims of their rulers and their neighbors — who suffered through inquisitions, pogroms, the Holocaust, and the threats of their Middle East neighbors to extinguish them — would be relatively immunized against this affliction.

Quite the contrary. Within the Jewish community are a number of highly sophisticated, well-funded, and superbly marketed organizations that work against Israel’s continued existence even as the region implodes in unrelenting chaos that threatens not only the state’s viability but also portends another holocaust.

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