The Blumenthal Pathology

By Daniel Mael – Originally published in The Weekly Standard

Why would a young Jewish American equate the democratic state of Israel with Nazi Germany?

Why would a young Jewish American call for Israeli Jews to choose between “Exodus” from the Middle East, or “indigenization” to fit in with their Arab neighborhood?

Why would a young Jewish American join forces with Islamists to try to discredit the bravest living proponent of reform of Islam?

Is it a case of stupidity of the sort that afflicted the “useful idiots,” who unwittingly helped the cause of Soviet Communism in the 1940s? Or is it pathology?

I first came across Max Blumenthal last year when he was touting his book Goliath on college campuses across the United States. Blumenthal, a virulently anti-Israel polemicist, spoke at Brandeis University last March and was received warmly by members of the campus community, even though his talk was choc-full of malicious blood libels about the Jewish state.

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