The Arab rape game

By Abraham H. Miller, Originally published in the Washington Times

Lobbing firecrackers into the crowd gathered in the square outside Cologne’s cathedral on New Year’s Eve, a thousand-strong violent flash mob of Middle Eastern and North African Muslim men then took their celebration to the next level, breaking into smaller groups and isolating German women to rob, grope, fondle and in two cases (so far), rape them.

The 100 police officers on the scene were outnumbered 10 to one. In modern Western law enforcement protocol, it is unthinkable that the police would discharge firearms in order to protect their citizens. So the robberies and sexual violence continued as the overwhelmed police awaited reinforcements.

The German government’s immediate reaction was to deny the extent of the violence and to admonish people not to conclude the mob was made up of Muslim migrants and refugees. For days, the media cooperated. But in the age of the Internet, cell phones and social media, the government no longer has a monopoly on information.

When women came forward with the gritty details of the sexual assaults, the government looked all the worse for its deception. “They all looked at us like we were free meat at the supermarket, fair game,” one 26-year-old victim openly told the media. “They were exploring our bodies to see if the meat was still fresh.”

Similar assaults took place in other German cities. In Norway, the government is sponsoring anti-rape seminars for immigrants, attempting to teach them that because a woman is not draped in a tent does not mean she is fair game for assault.

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