The Allure Of Radical Islam

By Abraham H. Miller, Originally published in The Daily Caller

The Aryan superman was as blond as Hitler, as tall as the dwarf Goebbels, and as slim as the corpulent Goering. That these three clowns could get the German people to deny what was before their eyes and embrace an ideology of racial superiority that its proponents’ very physical presence contradicted is still one of the great mysteries of history.

Perhaps it is even more mysterious why, after the carnage, suffering and misery that they and their racial ideology wrought, they still have believers.

To list the possible explanations for this phenomenon would be an exercise in futility. One thing is certain: There exists within the human condition a need to belong; to be part of a movement greater than oneself; and to commit oneself psychologically to the cause by either shedding blood or advocating it.

Such movements have been called the mad inspiration of history, but more likely it is a certain madness that inspires such movements. This begins, as in the case of the Aryan superman, with a denial of reality.

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