Tis the Season: Terrorists Multiply and Conspire for Ramadan Attacks in UK, US

LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 03: Counter-terrorism special forces assemble near the scene of a suspected terrorist attack near London Bridge on June 4, 2017 in London, England. Police responded to what they are calling terrorist attacks on London Bridge and Borough Market where at least 20 people were injured and one person was killed. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Manchester and London violence forebodes similar fate for America

The children wantonly slain in Manchester were barely laid to rest when another grisly terrorist attack was visited on Britain. Three men in a van ran over pedestrians on London Bridge, got out, and proceeded to attack others with hunting knives at local restaurants. Police eventually shot them dead. At last count, at least seven people were dead and more than 40 were wounded.

It’s the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. For radical Muslims, Ramadan is another inspiration to fulfill their obligation to perform violent jihad.

Certainly, millions of Muslims who have entered Britain have become productive British subjects and have nothing to do with radical Islam. At the same time, the minority that believes in Islamist supremacy and the substitution of Sharia law for democracy is wreaking havoc with the social order.

Britain’s most prominent Muslim lawyer, Nazir Afzal, in an interview with the Times (London) said that some Muslim leaders and their leftist allies are intruding upon Britain’s attempts to prevent radicalization in the Muslim communities by insisting on presenting Muslims as victims and not as potential recruits for violence. Afzal noted that the Muslim Council of Britain, its largest and most powerful Muslim organization, is dominated by Islamists who are unconcerned with young British Muslims going to Syria and returning radicalized.

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