Ted Nugent blames Jews for gun control

By Paul Miller, Originally published in JNS.org

Taking to his Facebook page on Monday afternoon, legendary musician and gun rights advocate Ted Nugent posted an image of Jewish public figures under the tagline, “So who is really behind gun control?”

The post features a collage of Jews such as former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, civil rights attorney Alan Dershowitz, and both U.S. senators from California (Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer) with the Israel flag pictured in the lower left corner of each of the 12 images.

Nugent’s accompanying message reads, “ Know these punks. They hate freedom, they hate good over evil, they would deny us the basic human right to self defense & to KEEP & BEAR ARMS while many of them have tax paid hired ARMED security! Know them well. Tell every 1 you know how evil they are. Let us raise maximum hell to shut them down!”

Nugent’s remarks werecondemned by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which pointed out that the image was not created by the Detroit native, but has appeared previously on anti-Semitic websites.

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2 Comments on "Ted Nugent blames Jews for gun control"

  1. Democrats. Liberals. Big government. All of those pictured put government before Judaism. Ted Nugent loves guns. He loves Jews with guns. He loves it when Jews with guns kill their enemies. Nugent was attacking Liberals who happen to be Jewish, whose Judaism is secondary to all things Liberal. This level of reporting puts into question all your work.

    • Rarely do we respond to comments, but with your intentions here being noble, I wanted to point a few things out. I hated writing this story. I am a huge Ted fan. Going back to Amboy Dukes, I have enjoyed his music and guitar playing. But the story was and remains newsworthy and is a straight news report, not an editorial. Nugent’s people never responded and were given more than ample opportunity. Your argument would have merit if it wasn’t for the Israel flags placed under each picture. That screams Jews and why it needed to be reported.

      The silver-lining to this report and others like it, is that it got his attention and he apologized for the image. Since then he has actively engaged with the Jewish community – supporting efforts to defeat terrorism and gun advocacy for the Jewish community.

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