SFSU president’s denial of anti-Semitism rings hollow

One person cannot change the culture of an institution as large as San Francisco State.
— Leslie Wong, S.F. State University president

With these words, SFSU’s president absolved himself of any responsibility for the anti-Semitism that not only pervades his campus but has grown like a cancer during his administration.

Imagine if President Lyndon Johnson said to the nation that he could not change the climate of racism in America.

Of course, leftist thuggery and anti-Semitism at SFSU preceded by decades the appointment of Wong in 2012. He did not create this climate, but he has done little if anything to speak out or take any active measures against it.

SFSU’s administrations rarely have acknowledged the reality of what takes place on the campus. On the days before and after the 2004 presidential election, a mob of obscenity-screaming and violence-threatening students attacked an information table organized by the College Republicans. The incidents were documented by photos, eyewitness accounts and SFSU’s campus police reports. Spokesperson Ellen Griffin told the local media that this was nothing more than students having a robust intellectual exchange, failing to note the involvement of the General Union of Palestine Students.

GUPS continues to be among the best-organized and largest student groups at SFSU. It also has a history of fomenting mass demonstrations against any group whose political positions it disagrees with. Multiple SFSU administrations have failed to bring it into line.

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