The rebellious teenagers of Jewish Voice for Peace

Jewish Voice for Peace

Most Jews look on the fragment of our community that hates Israel and Zionism with a mixture of disdain, irritation and puzzlement. Despite data indicating that a split between American Jewry and Israel is deepening, the organized Jewish world has yet to seriously and effectively address the problem.

Now, that fragment has decided to attack Birthright, the largest educational organization in the world, for offering free trips to Israel to young Jewish adults from ages of 18-26. It would be a good time finally to get serious about a response.

The campaign against Birthright comes from the anti-Israel organization Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP). This group may be the single-most misnamed organization in the history of section 501 of the tax code. While some JVP members might be Jewish according to religious law, their Judaism exists only to be used as a cudgel against the people with whom they claim to identify. They aren’t “for peace.” They’re in league with and providing cover for some of the planet’s worst Jew-haters. The Anti-Defamation League has even published a thorough takedown of them. They explicitly support a Palestinian “right of return,” which is to say they support the end of the Jewish state, whose founding they refers to as a “nakba”—Arabic for catastrophe. They are, at least in the positions they espouse in writing, in line with the terror organization Hamas and more radical than the Palestinian Authority.

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