Progressive Silence Over Islamic Extremism Is Homophobic

By Paul Miller, Originally published in the New York Observer

Earlier this year, 200 progressive activists stormed the downtown Chicago Hilton with the intention of disrupting a gay rights event. Not that they had anything against gay rights. No, the object of their contempt was the Israelis who had organized this event to support the rights of gay people. And that just didn’t fit the progressives’ political agenda.

Israelis had arrived in Chicago to participate in the Creating Change Conference  and, like dozens of other groups, were hosting an event at the National LGBTQ Task Force conference. The Jewish state has been an international leader in LGBT rights – years ahead of the United States. But as America has witnessed over the past two decades, attacking Israel takes precedence over all of the Left’s agenda items, including support for gay rights. Disdain for Israel in many progressive political circles, including gay rights activists seated at the roundtable, goes beyond hypocrisy and anti-Semitism; it’s the most dangerous form of homophobia.

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