Phase Two for the Tehran Lobby: Open Borders Between the U.S. and Iran

By Jordan Schachtel, Originally published in the NY Observer

Rep. Barbara Lee remains infamous on Capitol Hill as the only member of Congress who voted against the 2001 authorization of use of force against the Al Qaeda terrorists who committed the September 11 attacks against America.

Ms. Lee, who has long advocated for far-left and isolationist policies, and was a steady advocate for the Iran nuclear deal, is the perfect partner for the pro-Tehran lobby’s next agenda item as they attempt to reshape America’s diplomatic landscape by rallying against visa restrictions for individuals coming into the United States from the Islamic Republic of Iran.

She is set to address a K Street fundraiser on June 8 hosted by the National Iranian-American Council (NIAC), a group with deep ties to the regime that rules over Iran. Ms. Lee is one of just 19 legislators who voted against increasing security measures for foreign nationals from terror-tied countries attempting to enter the United States.

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