After Paris, Rethinking Intelligence Bashing

By Abraham H. Miller, Originally published in American Thinker

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, might we ask Senator Diane Feinstein if she’d like to rethink her very public discussion about the CIA and enhanced interrogation?

Such discussions are meaningless when they take place as 9/11 recedes into memory and as we sit safe and secure in America while all over the Middle East people’s lives are disposed of from suicide and truck bombs. The time to have a discussion over enhanced interrogation is when the horror confronts us, as it now does. The place to have it is behind closed doors.

Does the greatest threat to our free institutions emerge from a government conducting enhanced interrogation of erstwhile mass murderers or from the murders themselves and the ensuing fear they will cause? Given a choice between freedom and personal security, even democratic societies choose security. Those were the lessons indelibly written into law when Irish Republican Army terror bombings crossed the Irish Sea onto British soil.

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