One year later: Honoring our murdered boys

By Eliana Rudee, Original Published in the Jewish Journal

When I heard the tragic news that the three Israeli teenagers, Naftali, Eyal, and Gilad, who had been kidnapped by members of Hamas weeks earlier, had been found murdered, I was with 33 American and Israeli peers at a business workshop in Jerusalem. After one of the Israelis in my group announced the news, all of those in the room began to grimace, whisper to one another, and contact their loved ones.

The lecturer, an Israeli, continued for a few minutes after we heard the news. But everyone was still whispering, texting, and researching articles for more details. Nobody could focus, and the lecturer seemed oblivious to how traumatic this news was for the group. After an American in the group suggested we observe a moment of silence and then take a break, an Israeli explained, “What you have to understand is that this is very sad, but it is normal for us. We have to live with this.”

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