Obama’s legacy: a more dangerous world for Christians and Jews

Hours before leaving office, former President Barack Obama defied Republican opposition and quietly released $221 million to the Palestinian Authority (PA). In doing so, he solidified his legacy as having nothing but contempt for the state of Israel and for Middle Eastern Christians who are victims of genocide.

It was not enough that Obama betrayed Israel by allowing the passage of an unprecedented, one-sided United Nations Security Council resolution condemning the Jewish state. Aside from absolving the PA of any responsibility for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Obama’s last act in office was to encourage Palestinian terrorism against Israel by actually funding it.

Though PA President Mahmoud Abbas is often hailed as a moderate throughout the Western world, such a characterization is absurd. Abbas is a shameless Holocaust denier and has a history of actively supporting terrorism against civilians. One major example is his bankrolling of the 1972 Munich massacre, in which Palestinian terrorists, with the help of German neo-Nazis, murdered 11 Israeli athletes and coaches during the Summer Olympics.

PA support for terrorism against Israel continues to this day, with its promotion taking on many forms. Terrorists who murder Jews are honored in Palestinian society and hailed as heroes on television and other media, with Abbas himself often publicly honoring such individuals. This habitual glorification of terrorists is one of the most effective means of promoting terror against Israel. In 2008, a New York Times poll, conducted after the killing of eight Israeli teenagers in a Jewish seminary in Jerusalem, found that 84 percent of Palestinians supported the attack.

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