Obama’s Covert Intervention Wreaks Devastation on Syria

In war, it is not truth that is the first casualty. It is some hapless civilian.

Two million residents of Aleppo are without water. The latest aid convoy, which would have supplied a modest amount of food to 25 percent of the city’s residents, was blown apart.

That will not happen. The Assad regime, with support from Iran and Russia, believes it can defeat the militias. The Russians have gone through the ritual of negotiating a ceasefire, which they are using for tactical advantage.

Having absorbed the avowed limitations of President Obama’s Syrian policy, the Russians have no interest in bringing the conflict to a negotiated end. They believe their client, Bashar al-Assad, can now win.

While the American media and the administration tug at our heartstrings with ubiquitous pictures of dead and wounded children, encouraging us to bring in Syrian refugees, there is little analysis of how Syria ended up with more than a third of its population streaming into Turkey and Europe as refugees or displaced domestically, hundreds of thousands of its people dead, and millions suffering from destruction and devastation.

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