Why Obama’s Betrayal Of Israel Hurts Americans

Who’s the biggest loser in the Obama administration’s abstention and behind the scenes participation in UN Resolution 2334 ? It’s not Israel, contrary to common perception. The Israelis will develop a siege mentality, batten down the hatches, and realize that the Obama administration has condemned them either to suicide, or to becoming a modern-day Sparta. History already shows us what choice they will make.

The biggest loser is America. If you work behind the scenes to injure your purportedly closest ally in the Middle East, what will you do to countries with which you are not close? Who will trust America after this fiasco?

The Egyptians watched America abandon Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in a single night, despite keeping an American-negotiated peace for decades. And when the Egyptian people revolted against the tyranny of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Obama administration decided that democracy really meant one person, one vote, and one time for one tyranny.

It was only the steadfastness of the Egyptian military that kept Obama’s Muslim-Brotherhood fantasy from becoming a political reality.

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