Obama’s abandonment of Israel should surprise nobody

The United Nations resolution condemning Israeli settlements comes in the wake of two other U.N. resolutions, passed by the UNESCO cultural body in October, that denied the historic and biblical relationship between the Jews and the land of Israel. The U.N. can pass resolutions, but it can neither change history nor alter reality.

For the American Jewish community that voted overwhelmingly not once, but twice for President Barack Obama, America’s abstention and refusal to use its veto power on an anti-Israel measure at the U.N. was a betrayal of historic proportions.

For the Jewish alt-left such as the New Israel Fund and J Street, which is supported by mega-donor George Soros, this was a stellar victory. They have clung to the myth that the settlements are obstacles to peace. They seem to have forgotten that Israel gave up Gaza in an anticipated exchange of land for peace while actually risking civil war and yielding land for rockets, missiles and underground terror attacks.

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