Obama channels FDR, invokes memories of US shame during Holocaust

By Paul Miller, Originally published in The Hill

Peggy Shapiro has dedicated her life to exposing and combating anti-Semitism. The daughter of Holocaust survivors, Shapiro was born in a Displaced Persons (DP) camp located in Landsberg, Germany, the same town in which Adolph Hitler wrote Mein Kampf.

Today, the married grandmother of four serves as Midwest Director for the Israel advocacy group StandWithUs. As a retired college professor, she is keenly aware of the anti-Semitism epidemic on college campuses and its eerie similarity to conditions at universities in 1930s Europe.

Shapiro is also all too familiar with the Roosevelt administration’s failings during the Holocaust – a blight that the U.S. has sought to rectify, but one that she sees repeating itself in the current occupant of the White House.

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