Nicholas Kristof’s Obscene Comparison: Injured Syrian Girl Is Not Anne Frank

Anne Frank is not an injured Syrian girl, and to make the comparison, as Nicholas Kristof does, is to stand on the verge of the obscene. Anne Frank had no place to go. The Roosevelt administration callously and cynically closed America’s doors to Jews by an aggressive enforcement of immigration quotas even in instances where they did not apply.

Even the American Virgin Islands, immune from America’s immigration quotas, was shut, as were academic exceptions to quotas. When it came to European Jews, Roosevelt seemed almost as paranoid as he was about Japanese Americans, whose internment in camps was protested by none other than FBI Director J. Edgar Hooverin a six-page, secret memo to the attorney general.

The doors of numerous countries are open to the Syrian and other Muslim refugees. The debate is over how many should be taken—not whether they should be taken at all.

The Syrians have advocates in the highest reaches of Western governments and the European Union. The Jews had almost no advocates.

The Syrians have other Arab and Muslim states that share a common cultural and religious heritage. The Jews had no such thing.

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