Murder in Tel Aviv: Terrorism Must Have Consequences

By Abraham H. Miller, Originally published in the New York Observer

The carnage of innocents in a restaurant in Tel Aviv is only the latest in a long series of terror attacks on Israelis. The next act of barbarism is only a matter of time, as inevitable as it will be brutal.

The acts are devoid of meaningful political consequence. In the history of warfare, no regime ever fell to terrorism. Only two non-colonial regimes ever fell to guerrilla warfare.

Terrorism only promotes the victims to harden their resolve. The once flourishing Israeli peace movement is a shadow of its former self. It was beaten into the ground by the various intifadas.

The mendacity of the attacks is heightened by their being celebrated in the streets of Gaza and the Palestinian Territories, just as were the attacks on America on 9/11.

Israel regrettably treats the attacks as if they were acts of criminal violence. They are not. An entire social, cultural, religious, and political infrastructure resulted in four pieces of human scum calmly ordering food and then opening fire on people they only knew as Jews.

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