Michael Oren And President Obama’s Itfar Dinner

By Abraham H. Miller, Originally published in the Daily Caller

The Itfar dinner is the breaking of the fast of the Muslim holiday of Ramadan. Last Tuesday President Barack Obama hosted, at the White House, his annual Itfar dinner. Honored with seats at the president’s table were two radical Muslim anti-Israel activists, Riham Osman and Batoul Abuharb.

At a time when the nation is still reeling over the hatred that inspired a lone gunman in South Carolina to murder nine African-Americans, and where there are strong calls for the nation to be sensitive to symbols of hate, the photo of the president breaking bread with two virulently anti-Israel activists is an exercise in hypocrisy.

Regurgitating Hamas’ incendiary rhetoric, Osman claimed that the Jewish state “murdered 1,000 innocent civilians.” She opined that if “the devil was in human form,” it would “look, speak, and act like Netanyahu.” These hateful, anti-semitic comments appeared on her Facebook page, on July 28, 2014, and have since been removed.

Abuharb was in Gaza during the 2014 war. In a piece for the Huffington Post, she describes her experiences, which would lead a naïve reader to conclude that Israel woke up one morning with malicious intent and decided to instill fear in the civilian population by starting a war. Abuharb is capable of writing a narrative about the war absent any allusion to Hamas or its genocidal rocket, missile, and tunnel campaigns against Israeli civilians.

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