Message from Parliament: Homegrown terror is the biggest threat

One of the least shocking things about the brutal assault on Westminster Bridge and subsequent murder of a Parliament guard was the revelation that the terrorist was born in Britain.

It surely was an extra sting for Londoners to digest that a man born Christmas Day and raised with the blessings of the United Kingdom would decide at 52 years of age to turn against his countrymen and heed the call of a terrorist organization to attack his homeland, as ISIS claimed.

But the crime of Khalid Masood must remind us Americans that, with our own terrorism debate focused on travel and refugee bans, the rhetoric about preventing attacks has strayed too far from recognizing and adequately addressing the homegrown terror threat.

Prime Minister Theresa May told Parliament that “some years ago” Masood “was once investigated in relation to concerns about violent extremism — he was a peripheral figure.” He was not under investigation at the time of the attack and his old convictions were for non-terrorism offenses such as assault and knife possession. He was married with kids, a former English teacher, was remembered by a former neighbor as often working in his garden, and was described as a very religious convert.

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