Meet the Social Justice Warrior Behind JCC Bomb Threats

Democrats were downright apoplectic when President Donald Trump commented that certain anti-Semitic incidents might not be as they appear. The Washington Post reported that Trump suggested “that the recent bomb threats and vandalism at Jewish community centers and cemeteries across the country are ‘false flags,’” i.e. the work of those attempting to defame the Trump administration. The article derisively quoted Trump as saying that the incidents might not be anti-Semitic: “Sometimes it’s the reverse, to make people—or to make others—look bad.”

Now we learn that Juan Thompson, a 31-year-old disgraced journalist, has been arrested by the FBI and charged with making at least eight bomb threats against Jewish community centers as part of his efforts to harass a former girlfriend.

“You show me a capitalist and I’ll show you a bloodsucker,” Thompson tweetedRanting that “every millionaire and billionaire should be robbed of their wealth,” he accused Trump of wanting to ethnically cleanse Chicago and said he wanted to “smack the sh*t out of Donald Trump.” He raged against the “white media” and said “white people have no shame.” He retweeted Hillary Clinton’s tweet, “With threats & hate crimes on the rise, we shouldn’t have to tell #potus to do his part.” Labeling those who supported the president’s performance as “filthy fascist appeasers,” he said “they should be taken out along with Trump.” He praised Marxism and attacked the Democratic Party as “boring, flaccid and useless.” His tweets displayed no apparent animosity toward Jews and expressed sympathy for the victims of these bomb threats.

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