Media Ignores Disturbing Alliance Between ‘Progressives’ and Anti-Semites

Edward Joffe and Leon Kanner were inseparable friends studying at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. But that all changed on a fateful February day in 1969, when members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine bombed a SuperSol supermarket, ending the lives of both young men. So, you’ll understand my anger and revulsion when I saw the convicted mastermind of the terror attack, Rasmea Odeh, standing with Representative Jan Schakowsky as she addressed an anti-travel ban rally in Chicago last month.

Odeh served 10 years in an Israeli prison before being released in a large-scale prisoner swap. She was also convicted of attempting to blow up the British consulate. Her trial was deemed fair by the International Red Cross, but today she is regarded as a victim of Zionist aggression—a darling of the Progressive movement and a jewel in their crown of contempt for the Jewish state.

Marc Lamont Hill, Professor of African American Studies at Morehouse College and another up-and-coming Progressive leader, proudly voices his solidarity with Odeh and his allegiance to Dream Defenders, the Black Lives Matter offshoot that “embraces anti-Semitism and engages with terrorists.” During a 2016 trip to the Palestinian territories, the group was led around East Jerusalem by convicted terrorist and member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Mahmoud Jedda. Jedda served 17 years in Israeli prison for planting bombs.

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