In Manchester, Terrorists Make Statement About Muslim Takeover of Europe

Police officers relocate floral tributes in St Ann's Square in Manchester, northwest England on May 23, 2017, laid as a mark of respect to those in killed and injured following a deadly terror attack at the concert at the Manchester Arena the night before. Twenty two people have been killed and dozens injured in Britain's deadliest terror attack in over a decade after a suspected suicide bomber targeted fans leaving a concert of US singer Ariana Grande in Manchester. / AFP PHOTO / Ben STANSALL (Photo credit should read BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images)

Killing adolescent girls is an attack on the reproductive future of a society

Fareed Zakaria tells his audience that the suicide bombing at a concert in Manchester, England is terrorism without purpose. He is wrong—dead wrong. Terrorists always have an agenda. No one blows himself up without a purpose.

Adolescent girls filled the audience to hear superstar Ariana Grande on that tragic night in Manchester. In the mindset of radical Islam, Muslim demographics will replace Christian demographics. Kill their young, but especially kill their women.

As one radical Muslim said about the Islamic takeover of southern France, “I made my hijrah in my mother’s womb.” Hijrah is jihad by migration, and it refers to Muhammad’s journey from Mecca to Medina. Now, it commonly refers to Islam’s migration to Europe.

Terrorists of all stripes like spectacle. They want a lot of people dead or wounded, a lot of gory videos, an easy target, and one that is within close proximity to the media’s lenses and microphones.

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