How Main Street Schooled Manhattan

Kate McKinnon opened this past weekend’s “Saturday Night Live” with a beautiful rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” It was a fitting tribute to the legendary songwriter, who passed away earlier in the week. But as millions of Americans tuned in, anxiously awaiting political satire, they would soon learn they were in store for an evening of mourning and chastising.

As the Emmy award-winning cast member concluded the song, she turned to the audience and tearfully vowed, “I’m not giving up and neither should you.” In that moment, Mckinnon not only set the tone for the rest of the show, she reminded Main Street America why they elected Donald Trump.

America is not the media elites in Manhattan. It certainly is not the phoniness of Hollywood. And it definitely is not the politicians and K Street whores who reside and work in Washington and are incapable of comprehending the America that proudly holds dear its faith, family and firearms. The overwhelming majority of law-abiding, God-fearing and Pabst Blue Ribbon-drinking Americans are nothing but a bunch of racist rednecks who vote their fears and hate, according to the media and political elites. On Election Day, in a unified voice, they told the snobs: enough is enough.

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