Lesson From Immigration Debate: Black Lives Don’t Matter

If you have been watching the news over the past week, you would have witnessed the veritable obsession with the fate of 2,000 immigrant children separated from their parents. Media coverage of the border exceeds that of a State of the Union Address. Pundits opine incessantly about the legalities and consequences of the policy. It’s as if the moral compass of the nation needs to be reset. And if there are any doubts, the media is relentless in reminding us that compassion is now the moral issue of the moment.
When it came his turn to interview Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz about his investigation into the FBI, African-American Congressman Elijah Cummings used his time to launch into a rant about the situation at the border. Ethical violations and partisan bias in the FBI were of far less consequence. As were this week’s Chicago shootings.

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