#JewToo Can #WalkAway

Brandon Straka founder of #WalkAway
In recent weeks, a small but growing number of lifelong Democrats disgusted with their party’s progressive leadership and its attacks on traditional liberal values has decided to #WalkAway. Most of those walking identify with one or more of the minority communities that have long given disproportionate, automatic support to the Democrats. America’s Jews should pay attention.
Brandon Straka, the man behind the hashtag, is gay. Until fairly recently, the gay rights movement represented people who sought to live their lives in ways that conflicted with traditional morality without governmental restrictions, without crippling discrimination, and without asking anyone else to alter their own lives, families, or lifestyles. Many—almost certainly most—gay Americans still believe in that traditional notion of freedom. To the progressive leadership of the LGBTQ movement, however, traditional morality is little more than a smokescreen entrenching a structurally racist, privileged, gender-binary patriarchy.

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