Jews as ‘Some Folks Chosen at Random’ and Obama’s Muslim Problem

By Abraham H. Miller, Originally published in The Blaze

he president’s offensive statement that the Jews slaughtered by Islamist terrorist Amedy Coulibaly at a kosher deli in Paris were just “some folks chosen at random” should have been acknowledged as an enormous gaff.

It should have been followed by an apology.

Instead, it is continually spun over and over in some demented form to rationalize the president’s blunder, making it all the worse.

As offensive as the statement is, no apology will be forthcoming. Given a choice between pointing a finger at the anti-Semitism of radical Islam and insulting Jews, the president has chosen to insult Jews. After all, their partisan allegiance is guaranteed. As Jewish conservatives quip, if Barack Obama nuked Tel Aviv, he would lose only 15 percent of the Jewish vote.

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