Is Jewish students’ safe space on Israel threatened by a ‘pro-Israel’ lobby?

For Molly Horwitz, it’s not the anti-Semitism itself that stings the most. The feeling that some Stanford University Jewish leaders abandoned her in her fight against discrimination is what still brings tears to her eyes.

As Horwitz and a fellow Stanford alum see it, those Jewish leaders were borderline hostile toward mainstream pro-Israel students while fostering warmer relations with the campus arm of J Street, the self-described “pro-Israel, pro-peace” lobby.

If true, the former students’ allegations are not isolated, but indicative of the extent to which J Street’s agenda permeates campus discourse on Israel—including within Hillel, the international organization fostering Jewish life at more than 550 colleges and universities.

The question that started it all

In the spring of 2015, Molly Horwitz, then a junior at Stanford and a candidate for student senate, was publicly questioned by the Students of Color Coalition (SOCC) about how her “strong Jewish identity” would affect her vote on an anti-Israel resolution. She was offended and outraged.

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