J Street U’s ‘March on Hillel’

By Daniel Mael – Originally published in The Jerusalem Post

On Monday, J Street U members carried out a “March on Hillel” in which roughly 500 students filed out of the J Street Conference at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington and made the five-minute trek to Hillel International headquarters in an act of protest against Hillel International President Eric Fingerhut.

The students’ impetus for the demonstration was allegedly the resentment that J Street U felt as a result of Fingerhut’s decision to withdraw from his scheduled address at the conference. The student mob proceeded to leave sticky notes on the windows of Hillel, articulating that their feelings were hurt.

A careful examination of J Street U’s anti-Hillel writing brings its claims of virtuousness and victimhood into question. While J Street U continuously claims that it is an unfair victim of right-wing oppression, its collective assault on Fingerhut’s legitimacy far proceeds this latest brouhaha.

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