By Paul Miller, Originally published in American Spectator

Ater President Obama took office, J Street founder and executive director Jeremy Ben-Ami told the New York Times, “Our No. 1 agenda item is to do whatever we can in Congress to act as the president’s blocking back.” That may be the last truthful statement made by the progressive political organization.

Before the administration announced the Iran deal last month, J Street had already written the press release and statement to donors praising the agreement. Its plan to deceive the Jewish community, lawmakers, and media outlets was already set in motion.

Before the Iran debacle was announced, J Street put on a show and scheduled a conference call for the end of June to discuss the negotiations. I submitted a question and received a response a few days later.

Me: Cutting through political rhetoric: What constitutes a good deal for the security of the U.S. and Israel, and what would be unacceptable for the West and of course the Jewish State?

J Street: Thanks for your message. We believe a good deal must prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, and must impose strict inspections to ensure that Iran does not cheat.

Even the president and Secretary of State Kerry have acknowledged the deal only delays Iran from getting the bomb. Liberal icon and two-time Obama supporter Alan Dershowitz told me in a one-on-one interview for the New York Observer, “the deal assures Iran will get a nuclear bomb within ten years.”

By promoting a deal that most certainly does not “prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons,” J Street has gone back on its word (stop laughing), in fulfillment of its raison d’etre of serving as the president’s “blocking back.”

J Street and truth are mutually exclusive. For two years the organization denied receiving support from the anti-Israel movement’s bankroller, George Soros. In 2010 the Washington Times revealed that Soros and his children had donated $245,000 a few months after J Street was launched. Acknowledging that his answers regarding Soros were “misleading,” Ben-Ami was eventually forced to admit that Soros had at the time actually given a total of $750,000.

“Misleading” (I’m being nice) is what J Street does. Desperate to be relevant on Capitol Hill, the anti-Israel crowd’s favorite “pro-Israel” organization went as far as to claim victory this election cycle when in reality they were the poster-child for progressive defeat.

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