How J street helped elect Donald Trump

RJC Leader Matt Brooks and J Street founder Jeremy Ben -Ami.

If supporters of the progressive advocacy group J Street knew their donations were helping the very candidates and positions they oppose, they’d close their wallets faster than they’ve closed their minds to voting Republican. But on Election Day, that is exactly what happened.

Supporting progressive Democrats who challenged pro-Israel Republicans in swing states, J Street extolled the Iran nuclear deal and vilified Trump for opposing it.

That’s correct. The same deal that guarantees Tehran’s mullahs a nuclear bomb within a decade, provides them with nearly $150 billion in cash to finance terrorism, and is less popular than Obamacare, was supposed to lure undecided voters over to Hillary Clinton.

Note to progressive political strategists:  Bong hits before strategy sessions are not a good idea.

Even for leftist ideologues that are part of the K street culture — the progressive bubble that permeates the Beltway — a few seconds on Google will tell you Main Street America does not support the Iran deal. All J Street did was remind voters why Donald Trump and the GOP are more likely to keep their families safe.

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